Lumino Stone

Your neighbours will envy

PolyCare products for the garden and outside area are entirely unique. Here Polymer concrete reconciles elegant proportions with longevity in the most beautiful way. With the latest results from our research we are also now able to use our process for the production of consumer goods including those with amazing luminescent properties.

In December 2010, PolyCare filed an application for an invention patent on a technique to produce shaped elements of photo luminescent and/or afterglowing particles. This product features a wonderful surface of mica and glass particles that glow in the dark. The light effect is achieved through luminescent particles releasing the UV light they absorb during the day with some delay as a single-colored light.

The selected illuminants are neither toxic nor radioactive. They have all undergone testing and obtained approval under the EN 71-3 - standard (European Toy Safety).

Presently, a product series under the brand name Lumino® is being prepared. All elements are made by hand, which makes each one a unique product.

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