The Innovation

Polymer concrete

Unique and versatile

Polymer concrete

Polymer concrete is a risk-free material for long-term use under con- tinuous stress with almost unbeatable physical and chemical features. The production is done by a simple casting and curing process and the - nal product can have highly attractive nishes produced as part of the moul- ding process (e.g. high gloss, coloured and sparkling, luminiscent etc.) thus the need and cost of extra decoration is avoided.

  • Cures to full hardness and structural integrity within hours
  • Completely free to manufacture in any shape with non-porous surface structures
  • Able to manufacture to exceptional size and shape tolerances with lower weight than conventional concrete
  • Does not absorb water, therefore completely frost proof - no need for a damp-proof course
  • 3 to 5 times higher compressive and bending tensile strength than conventional concrete
  • Absolutely corrosion-resistant
  • Resistant to virtually all corrosive e luents
  • No damage from gasoline, mineral oils, acids, bases, vapors and gases
  • High abrasion resistance, high UV-resistance
  • Una ected by large variations in temperature, very low expansion

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