Dr. Gerhard Dust
Founder & CEO

PolyCare has developed a market-ready concept that allows the inexpensive production of durable and environmentally friendly polymer concrete construction elements. The special feature of this development allows the use of local raw materials such as desert sand. The pluggable elements guarantees an extremely fast and precise construction without the use of trained specialists or heavy construction equipment.

PolyCare was founded in response to the 2010 earthquake catastrophe in Haiti as a project to empower and involve those directly affected in the reconstruction of their homes. The aim is, in accordance with the motto „Helping people to help themselves“, to build permanent accommodation on the spot using local forces and existing natural materials according to the modular construction principle.

The opportunities offered by this invention will have a profound impact on the way governments and aid agencies fight homelessness and housing shortages around the world. Social and private housing will benefit from the stability and speed of construction and a significantly improved price-performance ratio.

And the environment can also breathe a sigh of relief with 60% less emissions in the construction sector. The Bauhaus University Weimar, Chair of Construction Chemistry and Polymer Materials, supported PolyCare in researching the technology used.

With a small team and a large number of supporters, PolyCare initiated the start of the recycling economy in the construction sector, thus creating affordable and environmentally friendly living space worldwide.

Corporate management

Dr. Gerhard Dust
Founder & CEO
Ing. Gunther Plötner
Chief Developer & Shareholder
Andreas Kunsmann


Hatto Brenner
Anant Suchak

Our Team

Benjamin Musiol
Jens Richter
Heiko Wehmeyer
Robby Lenz
Sebastian Blum
Jörg Richter
Karola Loth
Amelie Traupe
B.Sc. Architectur

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Support measure: Support for research, technology and innovation (RTI Directive) - Innovation voucher

Description of the project: Preparation of a feasibility study for the evaluation and analysis of the R&D project "Rapid construction system for houses based on polymer concrete with fillers from the recycling of building materials".

Results: The study was developed by EurA AG and includes the analysis and evaluation of the technological, economic, legal, organizational and ecological feasibility.

The project, funded by the Free State of Thuringia, was co-financed by funds from the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).