The history of PolyCare


PolyCare was founded in February 2010 in Gehlberg / Thuringia. The purpose of the company is the research and development in the field of polymer concrete with the aim of producing affordable, comfortable and safe (emergency) accommodation by means of pluggable polymer concrete elements.

In particular after natural disasters and for slum clearance, production on site ensures that the people affected can build the shelters themselves without the need for further aids.


The first months of the new year were devoted to the final factory design for Namibia. The orders and preparations for the delivery of the complete production plant occupied almost all employees. 


The model house in Namibia was donated to the Namibian government and independently dismantled by the semi-skilled Namibian forces at the conference location in Windhoek and rebuilt as a donation for a needy 8-person family in Katatura.


In March, the PolyCare concept is presented at the African Ambassadors Conference in Berlin and a project for the construction of 40,000 houses in Namibia is developed.


During the year PolyCare started using a 3D printer, that enabled the production of very small and individual moulds. This enabled PolyCare to handle special orders for individual polymer concrete items.


2014 In February PolyCare was an exhibitor at the conference "Innovation for International Organisations" in Geneva. This led to interest from UN agencies and further presentations of MAS technology to UNOPS in Copenhagen, WFP in Rome and UNHCR in London.


The year 2013 began with some difficulties. Firstly, the entire advertising team switched to a new company and the technical conversion to new server technology and more secure procedures proved to be more lengthy than expected.


Throughout 2012 there has been considerable research and development at PolyCare's research base in Germany for a second generation Mass Assembly System (MAS) building block with greater load bearing capacity.


In the first months of 2011 we finished the development of Lumino®, secured patents and presented the products with great success on the exhibitions at JEC Paris and ECS Nuremberg.


The foundation of our enterprise occurred in February, 2010. In May, 2010 we established our production plant and research site in the former Gundelachhütte (glass factory) in Gehlberg / Thuringia.


PolyCare Research Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Glasmacherstraße 11
98528 Suhl / OT Gehlberg

Phone +49 36 845 - 40 857
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Mo.-Fr. 10.00 - 17-00 Uhr

Support measure: Support for research, technology and innovation (RTI Directive) - Innovation voucher

Description of the project: Preparation of a feasibility study for the evaluation and analysis of the R&D project "Rapid construction system for houses based on polymer concrete with fillers from the recycling of building materials".

Results: The study was developed by EurA AG and includes the analysis and evaluation of the technological, economic, legal, organizational and ecological feasibility.

The project, funded by the Free State of Thuringia, was co-financed by funds from the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).