Throughout 2012 there has been considerable research and development at PolyCare's research base in Germany for a second generation Mass Assembly System (MAS) building block with greater load bearing capacity. These Z-Blocks have high insulation values, simpler interconnectivity and most importantly allow for multi-storey construction and this has led to further consequential development of stair systems, load bearing beams etc.

medaille goldZ-blocks have effectively widened the scope of buildings that can can be constructed using the MAS system to include not just relief shelters but also medium size houses and community centres as well as much more general use as commercial buildings. PolyCare will construct a two storey demonstration house in Gehlberg once the winter snows have subsided. However, underpinning all this development the MAS system retains all the same qualities and principles as before. Polymer concrete made at the construction site using locally available minerals with exceptional strength and durability that allow buildings to be constructed very quickly by unskilled staff.

bds schwarzLumino ® products also developed significantly during the period with exceptional high quality reliefs being produced in the forms of the "Flower of Life" and the most holy of Islamic scripts of "Bismillah"a particularly high quality calligraphic mural that has been enthusiastically received by many of our customers.

During the summer constructive discussions with a number of interested parties led to PolyCare developing a new licence and co-operation template for prospective country/region partners under a uniform PolyCare identity brand. PolyCare Research Technology UK Limited was followed in October by PolyCare TEK Limited Russia, based in Moscow. In the wider field PolyCare is now in active talks with more than 25 potential customers across almost as many countries.

russland delegationNovember saw significant progress with both awards and recognition for the MAS system. First, the Russian Academy of Sciences & Research Institute of Building Physics made an award to PolyCare citing "PolyCare's great contribution to the development of physics and building science." Secondly, at the 5th International Inventions Fair of the Middle East (IIFME) in Kuwait, both MAS and Lumino ® gained gold medals as well as MAS being specially honoured by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah with one of the two main prizes of the exhibition, receiving prize money of $10,000.

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