The PolyCare Concept

The PolyCare concept is suitable for industrial mass production. The production quantity depends primarily on the number of dosing and mixing units.

A dosing and mixing unit produces an average of 30 kg of polymer concrete per minute, which means that around 400 houses (60 m² living space) or around 50 schools can be produced per year in a two-shift system. With a one-time investment of 1.65 million € for the required factory equipment (including moulds, organisation costs and material for the first houses) and a depreciation period of 15 years, the costs for the factory per built house amount to only 275 €.

The Conceptin the implementation

PolyCare Namibia is a good example for the successful implementation of the concept with local and regional partners. The investment is based on the partnerships between PolyCare Germany and the Namibian partners Guinas Investments, KL Construction and Namibbeton.

PolyCare Namibia was opened in 2019 and provided work for 15 local women and 15 men. The technology offered by PolyCare is a welcome addition to the existing traditional building systems. The MAS system has many advantages as the stones used to build the houses can easily be made from locally available desert sand.

The MAS system does not use water in its production methods, which is a great positive advantage for Namibia`s semi-desert climate. The aim is to create additional production capacity in the coming years to meet the growing demand and requirements of the region.

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