Suhl OT Gehlberg, Germany

Dipl. Ing. Hatto Brenner


Of all the PolyCare shareholders Hatto Brenner (born 1940) graduated in industrial engineering have the highest sales experience. He is an independent consultant since 1978 and managing director of AWI International Consultants.

His company is an international consulting company for foreign trade, based in Erlangen, which is represented with consulting offices in over 40 countries. He worked previously in senior positions in sales and marketing in internationally oriented companies.

Mr. Brenner is a board member of various committees and associations in the field of foreign trade and economy, and President of EUSME (European Union of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises) based in Brussels.

Both as an author and editor of several specialist books and articles on export marketing as well as a worldwide respected speaker for export-related seminars he enjoys an international reputation.

As a shareholder Mr. Brenner takes intensevely care about marketing PolyCare ideas and products in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.