2014 In February PolyCare was an exhibitor at the conference "Innovation for International Organisations" in Geneva. This led to interest from UN agencies and further presentations of MAS technology to UNOPS in Copenhagen, WFP in Rome and UNHCR in London.

During this time a large Lumino, polymer concrete art project was completed for a prestigious display. However, in the year the company was mainly focused on the delivery of PolyCare’s first full production factory in Libya. However, fate intervened. During technical consultations and site and material analysis in Libya two PolyCare engineers only just escaped from an attempted kidnapping. Shortly afterwards the security situation worsened and the project stopped. The full factory equipment still remains in Tripoli, unused!

The 3rd quarter was marked by an intensive development in the mould construction, the completion of a new research agreement with the Technical University of Ilmenau and the beginning of the construction of a two-storey model house in Gehlberg. The production line in Gehlberg was remodeled to allow faster production of MAS element with new vibrating tables.

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