MAS - The Modular Assembly System

The Modular Assembly System known simply as MAS is after the invention of PolyCare’s polymer concrete, the second most important aspect of the exclusive build system.

MAS allows components to be built in a similar manner to that of LEGO.  In other words, no gluing, sticking or cementing of the block elements is required.  The elements are exceptionally accurately engineered to allow this to work and this in turn allows construction by unskilled workers.

This basic build is then significantly enhanced by a tie rod system that runs from a base level wall plate to a roof plate.  The whole system thus bonds the elements together to form an exceptionally strong and stable box-like structure.  Tested in Germany by one of the world’s most famous design and architecture bodies, the Bauhaus University, the system of build shows it can be built in this way to at least four story’s with a process that is, in all expectation also much more stable and resistive to seismic movement than conventional build systems.

The basic elements of this build process only need a single element wall, not a twin wall with insulation in between.  Even then the PolyCare MAS system will outperform the conventional twin wall construction in practically every measureable parameter.  It is stronger, completely waterproof, more resilient to ware, has higher insulation values, is much quicker and cheaper to build and is much more ecological and sustainable.


  • Musterbeispiel Construction of a Typical UNESCO Relief Shelter
  • Mustersiedlung Two-storey building
  • Model house in India
  • Construction of a Typical UNESCO Relief Shelter
  • Two-storey building
  • Model house in India
  • Construction of a Typical UNESCO Relief Shelter

    To prove the practical application and technical ability of the PolyCare materials and the soundness of the Modular Assembly System (MAS) PolyCare has build a typical UNESCO mobile relief shelter at it´s base in Germany.

    The design criteria of the 37 m² shelter (overall dimension 8.85 x 4,20 m) is that it meets all European physical and stability building standards. The house consists of nearly 650 specially designed MAS-Elements with a total weight of around 8 tons, of which about 7 tons is of pure sand. The whole construction process, on a raked level and smoothed surface was completed by two unskilled workers in less than 12 hours.

  • Two-storey building

    The two-storey building of 50m², in which the staircase and the roof are also made of polymer concrete was constructed in 6 working days.
  • Model house in India

    A model house in Delhi, India of 32 m² and a total weight of approximately 11 tons was built in the summer of 2015 just before the monsoon season. The outside temperature was around 40 °C, but was still built by our 68 year old PolyCare UK MD, within a week.

    The PolyCare concept is suitable for both industrial mass production and mobile low-volume production with the size of the plant dependant on the required output.

    The dimensioning of the plant depends primarily on the number of dosing and mixing systems. A single unit produces around 15 tons of polymer concrete a day and this equates to 350 houses or 40 schools a year.

  • Naturkatastrophen TECHNICAL FEATURES
  • Beispielvideo

    Polymer concrete is a risk-free material for long-term use under continuous stress with almost unbeatable physical and chemical features. The production is done by a simple casting and curing process and the final product can have highly attractive finishes produced as part of the moulding process (e.g. high gloss, coloured and sparkling, luminiscent etc.) thus the need and cost of extra decoration is avoided.

    Compressive strength according to DIN EN 196: 120,5 N/mm²
    Bending tensile strength according to DIN EN 196: 31,0 N/mm²
    Abrasion resistance class according to DIN EN 13813:2003 - BCA: ARO,5
    Fire performance of construction according to DIN 11 925 Part 2 ENISO: Classification B
    Residual styrene content according GC without treatment: 0,28 wt %
    Residual styrene content with post-treatment (tempering): 0 wt %
  • Beispielvideo

    Bilder erklären oft mehr als Texte. Deshalb haben wir für sie dieses Beispielvideo hergestellt.

    Hier wird sehr einfach gezeigt, wie schnell die MAS Steine produziert werden und ebenso schnell zum Einsatz kommen können.

    Wir wünschen ihnen viel Spaß beim betrachten.

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