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PolyCare achieved the rapid creation of humane living and work and living space by an innovative use of polymer concrete. This new building material was originally invented over 60 years ago. It consists of dry, mineral raw materials bound together with a mixture of re- active resins and hardeners instead of the usual cement and water in traditional concrete.

Compared with traditional concrete, polymer concrete (as it is known) has far superior physical properties and as well as the great advantage of it setting within a few hours. The previously relatively high cost of this building material limited its use to very specialized civil engineering applications such as abrasion resistant pipes or stress-resistant heavy-duty drainage channels.

However, the world  rst invention by PolyCare is based on inexpensive polyes- ter resin, requiring signi cantly less resin than conventional polymer concrete. In addition it also allows inexpensive  ller material, such as desert sand and waste such as  y-ash from power stations being used as components in poly- mer concrete for general building construction purposes.

Although the production cost of one ton of PolyCare’s polymer concrete is still signi cantly higher than the cost of producing a ton of cement concrete, the  nal build is still a cheaper alternative.


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