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1. Almost 90% of the polymer con- crete used in the process is  ller. In ordinary concrete this is speci cally building sand, however in PolyCare ́s process the  llers can be a variety of freely available raw materials such as Desert sand or waste / residues etc.

These materials are either already very cheap or by eliminating dis- posal problems can be free or even revenue generating. Thus achieving both an ecological clever use of re- sources and pro tability/direct be- ne t from the production.

2. The  nal product is environmen- tally friendly. The chemical reac- tion process of polymerisation takes place only once and only in one direction. Once bound the substances in this product no longer reacts with the environment. This also explains why polymer concrete products are most frequently used in water pro- tection areas. By mechanical de- struction the  nal product can also be recycled again at any time.

3. The durability and resistance of the product is unmatched by any other building material.

4. The mobility of the manufacturing plants enables production di- rectly on site, eliminating long sup- ply chains and transport routes. The energy consumption for the entire production is very low and even the energy produced by the curing pro- cess can be used again.

5. The construction of the houses does not require heavy technical equipment nor trained builders. Nevertheless, the nal product is immediately useable without reworking.

6. Refugee camps and slums continuously  ght against the spread of diseases. As all the interior surfaces,  oors walls etc of the PolyCare sys- tem are impervious to water they do not promote the transfer of germs and diseases and can be washed out and disinfected regularly.


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