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In the construction industry the avoidance of waste material is presently one of its greatest challenges. Of the 420 million tons of building material used in the UK every year, 120 million tons get wasted. This means that for every  ve houses built, one houses worth of material is waste.

None of this applies to the production of polymer concrete. Signi cant benefits are achieved in the ecological balance right at the beginning of the life cycle of this building material.

Even erecting buildings with MAS elements creates no waste, since it only uses as many elements as needed and other consumables and auxiliary materials are unnecessary. Production is invariably on site with local materials drasti- cally minimizing transportation costs and no need for any heavy construction equipment.

The lifetime of modern buildings varies depending on location and climatic conditions between 20 and 50 years. After this period, all these buildings are in need of rehabilitation or are demolished and replaced by new buildings.
In such cases building material is almost never reused. Most construction was- te is shredded and used as packing material in road construction and foundations or ends up as waste in land lls. Herein lays one of PolyCare’s greatest advantages. Already the longer life due to the lower corrosion properties forms an economic and environmental advantage over almost every other building material. But the PolyCare building elements are also expressly intended for reuse.

The special construction and resilience of this building material allows multip- le use, in multiple guises. Once built the building can be very easily demounted down to block component level (either fully or partially) and either extended or shipped to another site altogether and there constructed as a completely different construction.

Even at the very end of the life cycle of a MAS element, it still proves its envi- ronmental excellence. As a once-bonded polymer concrete material neither ab- sorbs nor emits any substance shredded elements are even approved as packing material in water protection areas.

Of course, the material can also be used to produce new MAS elements and thus form a complete recycling loop.

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