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Polymer concrete is predominantly (up to 87%) of mineral raw materials. These occur either naturally in abundant amounts or are the waste outputs from other processes.

In other words PolyCare ́s Polymer concrete is completely environmentally friendly. When mixed with the polyester resin, the result is a material that is cross-linked in three dimensions determined via chemical valence bonds. The cross-linking is initiated by chemical additives.

When curing this process forms linear chain molecules that also network with each other three-dimensionally, thereby forming a stable structure. After cu- ring, they cannot change their shape. Once cured, polymer concrete absorbs no more substances or delivers any to the environment.

The polymer concrete is characterized by strength, aging resistance and resis- tance to aggressive media, frost, heat and sunlight. Polymer concrete is sustai- nable and environmentally friendly due to its long life and recyclability.

While cement production causes about 5 % of all CO2 emissions worldwide, the production of polymer concrete hardly consumes energy, because the re- action process proceeds as a reactive process without heat supply. The global footprint of polymer concrete is for this reason alone signi cantly less than traditional concrete buildings and products.

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