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What can polymer concrete do?

Strong, durable and environmentally friendly...

Even though the name suggests polymer concrete, actually it isn’t a concrete substance at all but plastic material out of the group of thermosetting polymers. The curing process transforms the resin and the fillers into a rigid 3-D network of bonds. This molecular structure is symbolized by our logo.

Through a chemical reaction polymer-concrete cures irreversibly. Although it is a plastic material it contains up to 90 % filler material. Normal fillers are pourable minerals (sand, quartz flour, gravel).

Alternatively, it is also possible to create the polymer concrete with secondary raw materials such as broken glass, slag, or granules with various binders (epoxy, UP resins or PMMA resins) and reinforcement materials and pigments in various forms.

Polymer concrete is not a substitute for concrete, but a technical and economic alternative. PolyCare takes over where ordinary concrete reaches the limits of its performance.

Basic Materials

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