Gunther Plötner

Chief Developer & Shareholder

Gunther Plötner, born 1951 in  Großhettstedt, Thuringia began his professional training as a toolmaker specializing in special mechanical engineering.. He then earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the prestigious University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden.

As a result of the examination before the admissions committee of the Council of the district of Erfurt, he in March 1990 was awarded by the District Office Erfurt as a “private engineer of the special engineering in the field of interior design, operation design, equipment projects - technological design, construction management / lead-assembling, coordinating all Order fields - new construction and reconstruction ".

As director of an engineering company for the wholesale and retail trade and manufacturing of fruit and vegetables (this included 16 departments, including research and development, with approx. 70 employees), in the district of Erfurt, he acquired in the following 10 years extensive professional experience for the complex tasks in R & D and manufacturing environments.

After Germanys reunification, he was a partner and managing director of property development company Universal Erfurt mbH, which was briefly the largest property development company in residential construction in former East-Germany. Thereafter he changed position and worked intensively with the topic of polymer concrete. As part of project development since 14 years, he has also run studies / research in the Arab world. In result of his efforts he has submitted the named patents and worked out the approaches for the research duties.