Jane Fonda

The Concept

Why PolyCare

After several years of research PolyCare is pleased to unveil the stunning outcomes that will have profound effects on the way Governments tackle housing shortages in their own countries and relief agencies tackle homelessness on a world-wide basis. Our objective has always been to bring relief to areas hit by major disasters and to tackle the slum dwellings of the world. It was obvious to us from the very start that such a major task could only be achieved if our team employed 21st century research, development and technology together with world-class partners to tackle all the major issues in one go.

Those organisations shown on this page are all world-class in their fields and working in the name of a better life for those most disadvantaged across the globe. We believe that the result of this cooperation speaks for itself. The house opposite was build by a completely unskilled man and woman in two days and constructed on ordinary ground without a dug foundation. The local sand based high tech polymer concrete used in the building is 3 to 5 times stronger than ordinary concrete, is impervious to  termites, acid, grease, water and frost as well as the harshest of weather conditions. It needs 80% less material shipped to site than the equivalent ordinary house, is of the highest quality and meets all known European building standards.

By using this  method the homeless are settled into permanent housing exceptionally quickly and the population finds a purpose by building their own homes. The shipping-in of skilled helpers and the need to feed and house them is overcome as is the need for huge  supplies of materials that often conflict with the logistical supply load for food, water and medical supplies for the locals. Ultimately communities can be regenerated quickly with every hope of less dependency on aid. This is why our motto is:

"Helping people help themselves

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