Heiko Wehmeyer


I knew that you cannot build with desert sand and therefore I found the approach of PolyCare really exciting. When I also learned that I could help people after natural disasters, I wanted to be with PolyCare. To be involved from the very beginning in something so revolutionary new is of great importance to me.

  • born 20.02.1966 in Großbreitenbach, Thuringia
  • Married and Father of one son and grandfather of one granddaughter 
  • Hobby:  granddaughter and dog
  • Education: Certified engineering fitter-machinist
  • Enlisted soldier in both German armys  (7 years  NVA (GDR), 2 years Bundeswehr(FRG)) as communicator
  • Afterwards 15 years self-employed entrepeneur (cellular phone, Catering) in Ilmenau
  • Afterwards 4 years  employment in logistics in Großbreitenbach
  • Since May 2012 working at PolyCare